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When you drink the water that comes out of your faucets, does it have a metallic or mineral taste to it? Are your soap and shampoo not forming enough lather when you shower? You may be experiencing the effects of hard water. At Talarico Plumbing & Heating, we recommend our customers to invest in water purifying and softening equipment to help with the issues that result from hard water. Our Reading plumbers can handle the installation of all types of water purifiers and softeners and explain the benefits of installing them.

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Benefits of Water Softener Equipment

Many homeowners do not realize the effects of hard water until they see the damage which has been done. Hard water is the minerals which are dissolved in your water. It can create stains in the toilets, tubs, and even when you wash your laundry or dishes. It can also leave soap scum, build-up inside your pipes, and affect the lifecycle of your pipes, appliances, and home. Installing a water softener can help to reduce the minerals in the water entering your pipes and home. This brings mineral free, softer water into your home, which does less damage to your appliances, pipes, and fixtures. We can perform a test on your water to see if a water softener is necessary.

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Improve Water Quality with a Water Purifier

Do you have concerns about the purity of the water you are drinking? Or perhaps you would like to eliminate the need for plastic water bottles by installing a purification system? Our Reading plumbers can help you select the right purifier and install it safely into your existing plumbing system.

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